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Our mission is to manage a supply chain of excellence.


Global Supply Chain. Solutions for your Business.

Founded in 1980, Montexport Limited, a Montrade Group Company, is a privately held company, headquartered in Lisbon. The Company specializes in international trade, distribution and supply chain management in the following business fields: Chemicals, Resins, Metals, Forestry and Waste Management.


Montexport operates as a global organization, through partnership and representation agreements with some of the world's leading manufacturers of chemicals, resins, and metals.


Our mission is to manage a supply chain of excellence that allows the distribution of a wide list of products, at the right price and at the right moment, through the group's global network across about 20 offices and distribution centers in over 12 economies in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.




Montexport is born.

Establishment of the roots of export and import business of Rosin and Chemicals. Pioneer steps have been taken, in order to increase trade with the Asian market in general and with China in particular.       


Montexport was the first and only Portuguese company to be present in the first Industrial Exhibition of Macau. It represented important national manufacturers in the field of marble, glazed wall tile and toilet fixtures and accessories, tapestries, silverware, wines and canned foods.

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