Waste Management - towards a more sustainable future


In a world of increasing pressure on finite resources, historic resource management strategies of single-use, bury or burn are no longer tenable. Montexport, after a thorough consideration of the needs, trends and opportunities in the recycling business, has developed a new business model for a sustainable future by combining a global business network, and its experience of more than 30 years in international trade.


The core business of waste management is the program designed to acquire, collect and transport the plastic scrap along with Operators of Municipal Solid Waste and Operators of Urban Solid Waste in European space, with special focus in Portugal and Spain and subsequent distribution to several accredited recyclers in Asia.


Montexport also supplies on regular basis – some with limited quantity –some shreds and regrinds plastics from Portugal. These materials are executed with high standards of quality control and produced by modern equipments – some with a double washing system – with heat drying.


Our approach to recycling is based on a belief that recycling is no longer an option: it is the way to the future.


​For more information on our products please contact us by e-mail, to info@montexport.pt.




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