Our Business


Going beyond borders to provide necessary goods and services, Montexport meets the high expectations of customers, around the globe, by combining a set of functions across the entire spectrum of its business fields.


We pursue business in a vast range of fields, which can be divided into the following five areas: Chemicals, organic and inorganic; Metals, with particular emphasis on Aluminum; Resin; Fiberglass and Rock Wool; Forestry and Waste Management.


With this wide range of products we intend to meet all the needs of our customers operating in various sectors, particularly in: Plastics and Rubber Industry, Food Industry, Paper Industry, Textile Industry, Soap and Detergents Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Construction; products for numerous industries and manufacturing activities.



» Chemicals - More than 30 years in distribution of chemical products for all industries

» Metals - Aiming to be the provider of choice of Non - Ferrous Metals

» Resins - Global Player in the Resins business 

» Fiber Glass- Providing new values to the Fiber Glass and Rock Wool Industry 

» Waste Magement - Securing a stable waste management  and developing recycling business



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Av. José Malhoa, n.º 2, Gab. 1.4, 1070 - 325, Lisbon, Portugal  



+351 21 726 4105