Message from the Founders 


In times of change such as these, Montexport´s mission, and its entire team must always be to seek to answer the expectations of the world around us. This means that we must quickly identify the emerging needs of our customers and of society as a whole and to provide a flexible response to the growing complexity of society and changes in economic and social environment.


Montexport assumes social responsibility as a voluntary action that aims to create and maximize our positive outcomes, as well as the reduction or elimination of negative impacts. These actions are consistent with the interests of the Company and based on ethical behavior, based on compliance with applicable law and integrated into ongoing Montexport.


We seek a consistent and continuous dialogue with all parties interested in Montexports activities. More than in any other period, values and relationships are what ultimately matter, and if we do not pursue a legacy, we will have gone into business and management in vain.


Lisbon, July 7, 2011







Av. José Malhoa, n.º 2, Gab. 1.4, 1070 - 325, Lisbon, Portugal  



+351 21 726 4105